Leadership and Creativity

Meet our team of management, sales and technical staff dedicated in ensuring stringent product quality and to meet customers expectation with tip top service.

Our People

Our people are our company’s most valuable assets. EC Precast Sdn Bhd main objective is to develop our employees to be skilful and knowledgeable individuals in order to meet the ever changing needs and overcome future challenges in the construction & infrastructure industry.

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"Change is a continuous process, and in order to tackle this, we must be creative and innovative."

— Managing Director: Raymond Tan

Raymond possesses over 20 years of experience in the management of manufacturing and marketing of R.C. Piles and Concrete Products. He first joined the piling industry in 1992, focusing on the manufacturing of timber piles. However, as a new decade began, timber piles were no longer in demand and this change in the industry fuelled his desire to have EC Precast specialise in the works of concrete piling.

He believes that innovation and creativity are the basic essentials in order to continuously adapt to rapid technological changes. As EC Precast Sdn Bhd strives towards contributing to building a strong foundation within both the private and government sectors, it ensures that its products and services are constantly being produced to the best quality possible.

Our Quality Commitment

Quality Control is the main criteria in our manufacturing operations and EC Precast Sdn Bhd strictly adheres to the Quality System conforming to MS ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our factory is equipped with a laboratory that functions to monitor the quality of both incoming raw materials and finished products. Committed to stringent high product standards, strict quality control is upheld at every stage of the product’s manufacturing process.

EC Precast Sdn Bhd is committed to providing our customers with products and services which meets and exceed their expectations. Total quality management is the norm in the company, and this is backed by our good product quality and ISO certifications.

Quality Achievements

Quality has always been an important attribute associated with EC Precast since its early inception. Quality Management System ensures our commitment towards fulfilling our objective of manufacturing quality-imbued products for our customers.  

EC Piles are manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure product quality and reliability.


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Looking for a reliable & stable partner?